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X-531 Wheel Aligner
Product Name: X-531 Wheel Aligner
Part No.: X-531 Wheel Aligner
Net Weight:

X-531 CCD wheel aligner adopts the charge coupled device (CCD) with high resolution, the clinometer with high precision and the accurate optics imaging system.
X-531 is a device designed to measure the wheel alignment parameters and compare them with the specifications provided by vehicle manufacturer. It also gives instructions to the user for performing corresponding adjustments so as to get the best steering performance and reduce tire wear.
This product features the perfect functions, fluent operations and extractive interfaces. It can provides HELP functions such as auto level-monitoring, kind operating prompts and dynamic vehicle adjustment demonstration, etc.


  1. Complete test: The X-531 wheel aligner can be used to measure the most wheel alignment parameters, such as front wheel toe-in, front wheel camber, caster, Kingpin inclination, maximal steering angle (if equipped with electronic turntable), toe-out on turns, rear wheel toe-in, rear wheel camber, thrust angle, wheelbase difference, tread difference, etc.
  2. Complete databank: wheel alignment data of over 20,000 vehicle models is stored in the system. User can also add new data to the databank.
  3. Steering wheel calibration function.
  4. Kingpin and camber adjustment real time display function.
  5. Profuse vehicle adjustment animation and HELP information.


  1. Japanese CCD and clinometers are equipped for automatic measuring.
  2. Infrared 8-beam and 16-sensor loop measurement, accurate and stable.
  3. Newly developed CCD signal processing technology, uninfluenced by the strong sunlight.
  4. Complete system upgrading function.
  5. Unique voice prompt function and visualized animation, very easy to understand.
  6. Trustworthy operating system to give more convenient and safe operations.
  7. Keyboard quick switch operation.
  8. Both special version and common version are provided for user to select.
  9. Both normal version and demonstration version are provided to make user’s training more convenient and quick.
  10. Large capacity (4000mAh) Lithium battery with low power consumption and dormancy mode of design.
  11. Camber, toe-in, battery electricity quantity, charging status and electronic level, etc. can be real-time displayed by LCD.
  12. Both electronic level and bubble level can ensure convenient calibration and usage.
  13. Wireless communication technology, stable and reliable.
  14. In-block type of casting aluminium alloy probe rods can strongly guarantee the stability and the test precision of the product.


Front total toe-in
Front toe-in
Front camber
Kingpin inclination
Rear total toe-in
Rear toe-in
Rear camber
Thrust angle

Requirements on Surroundings:

Ambient temperature
Relative humidity
Exterior magnetic field strength
Lifter gradient

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