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Product Name: X-PROG-M V5.0
Part No.: X-Prog-M
Net Weight:

The XPROG-m programmer is designed to replace the earlier version of XPROG programmer. XPROG-m programmer is fully upward-compatible hardware with XPROG programmer and have many additional features.

The XPROG-m supports in-circuit and on-board programming of Motorola 68HC05 , 68HC08, 68HC11, 68HC(S)12 family MCU's, Texas Instruments TMS370/TMS374 family MCU's and serial EEPROM's .
All supported devices are divided into "Software authorization" licenses. You can obtain authorization license only for these devices you are interested in.

"Software authorization" licenses :
Motorola HC05 MCU's family authorization.
Motorola HC08 MCU's family authorization.
Motorola HC11 MCU's family authorization.
Motorola HC(S)12 MCU's family authorization.
Motorola HC05B/X family "Expert Option" authorization (bypass the security bit for reading).
SGS-Thomson M35080 EEPROM "Expert option" authorization (can erase full device)
Texas Instruments TMS370 MCU's family authorization. Now supports TMS374 MCU !!!

Functional features :
Fully compatible with all software versions of " Device Programmer Desktop"
Software update (ATMEGA) - directly from "Device Programmer Desktop"
Software version control mechanism
Self check for error handling
High speed RS232 communication interface, fully compatible with USB to RS232 adapter
Fully upward-compatible XPROG connector
Multi functional XPROG-m connector
8 pin DIP socket for on- board programming
Supports many PLCC, QFP, LQFP adapters for on- board programming
High speed hardware engine (PLD)

Hardware Specifications :
Include high output current MPU.
External output for on-board device programming.
Serial port interface (up to 115K baud) works on (COM1, COM 2, COM3 or COM4).
Electrical Requirements :
Operating Voltage : 15V DC. The external power supply unit is needed
Power Consumption : 300 mA.

System Requirements for PC :
Processor: INTEL Pentium 60MHz or faster (depends on operating system)
Memory: (RAM) 32MB (depends on operating system)
Hard drive: 5MB free space
Communication: One free physical COM-port (or USB to RS232/COM adapter)
Operating system: Microsoft Windows 95/ 98(recommended)/ NT/ ME/ 2000/ XP

Supported Device:
Serial Eprom:
24Cxx, 25Cxx, 93Cxx, MDA2062, NVM3060, M6M800xx, S2100, S24Hxx, TC89xxx, X2444, M35080

TMS370C002A, TMS370C010A, TMS370C012A, TMS370C020A, TMS370C022A, TMS370C032A,


MC68HC05B6, MC68HC05B8, MC68HC05B16, MC68HC05B32, MC68HC05X320D53J

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