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Frame Machine For Trucks
Product Name: Frame Machine For Trucks
Part No.: Frame Machine CCF-Trucks
Net Weight:
Frame Machine For Trucks
Technical Data:
Max. Loading Capacity: 40000 KG
Working Platform Height (from floor): 24"/600mm
Tower Height: 2M
Tower Hydraulic Cylinder Max. Lifting Force: 245 KN
Hydraulic System MWP: 70 MPa
Inlet Air Pressure: 0.8 MPa
Tower Pulling Range: 270°






Deck Length (Feet/Meter)




Deck Width (Feet/Meter)




Net Weight (LB/KG)




1. The platform is I-beam tube.
2. The hydraulic towers can be moved freely alongside the platform and turn 270° as operating. The hydraulic cylinders work vertically, resulting in maximum force and most powerful effectiveness.
3. High quality chains and plate tools are used flexibly and conveniently with long life. The entire series of tools accessories enable to do any misshape correction work.
4. Hydraulic system with good design has powerful driving force, long life and low failure rate.
5. Major clamps fix the auto quickly, firmly and accurately.
6. Applying parallel-connect synchronous hydraulic cylinder with high synchronous precision; the integral mechanical lock is processed one-time.
7. Without synchronous errors; the sharing beam adopts high quality manganese plate and all the welding positions ensure the position of shafts and holes.
8. Special design for lifting forces; in order to improve the service life of the oil cylinder, increase the oil cylinder diameter is increased and double oil cylinder lift at the same time.

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