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Launch Diagun-III
Product Name: Launch Diagun-III
Part No.: Launch diagun III
Net Weight: 8KGS

 Launch x431 DiagunIII

The Launch x431 Diagun diagnostic tool from Launch features a compact main unit, powerful diagnostic functions and fast boot up. The unit offers high-resolution display with wireless and direct cable connectivity.

1. Compact main unit, lightweight and portable.
2. The only diagnostic tool which can work on two vehicles at the same time
3. Bluetooth technology, wireless communication enables 300-ft range
4. Universal 16-pin connector
5. Fully inherited diagnostic functions from X-431 for American, Asian, and European vehicle makes.
6. Greatly improved program running speed.
7. Convenient software update.
8. 4.3 inch high luminance, high resolution color touch screen
9. 1530mAh Rechargeable battary
10. 1G memory card
11. Standard USB printer connector, external printer support

Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Volvo, Citroen, Peugeot, Fiat, Opel,
Ford,Landrover, Renault, Rover,Saab, Transporter&V-Class, VAZ, Ford, GM, Chrysler,
Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mitsubishi, Mazda, JPIsuzu, Suzuki, Subaru, Daihatsu,
Daewoo, Ssangyong,Holden, Tata, Brazil GM, Changhe, Hyundai,Kia, Chang’an, Chery, HaFei, Tianjing Yiqi, Zhongxing, GreatWall, Geely, Liuzhou Wuling, Smart OBDII...and more

It covers the basics: read & erase DTCs, read datastream in graph or digit format 
It provides advanced functions: actuation tests And it is updated frequently: Launch makes updates available on an almost weekly basis. 

Functions include: 
1. CAN Enabled Tool (no adapters to buy) 
2. Global 0BD-II (American, Asian, European) 
3. 0BD-II Generic Diagnostic Trouble Codes 
4. Manufacturer Specfic Diagnostic Trouble Codes 
5. Manufacturer Enhanced Diagnostic Trouble Codes 
6. Generic Data Stream 
7. Graph Data Stream 
8. Enhanced Datastream 
9. OBD- II Enhanced 
10. OBD-I 
11. American Non-Engine Coverage 
12. Asian 0BD-II Enhanced 
13. Asian 0BD-I 
14. Asian Non-Engine Coverage 
15. European OBD-II Enhanced 
16. European 0BD-I 
17. European Non-Engine Coverage 
18. Enhanced Help Screens 
19. Module Coding 
20. Adaptive Resets 
21. Bi-directional Tests 
22. Software Updates 
23. Cables & Connectors includes Super-16 
24. Immobilizer 
25. Adaptive Resets

Launch X431 Diagun III Vehicle List :

Demo, Smart diagnostic software, Smart OBDII
America: America Ford, Chrysler, GM, Acres, INFINITI, Lexus.
Australia: Australia Ford, Holden
Brazil: Brazil GM
India: Indonesia Daihatsu, Indonesia Suzuki, Mahindra, MARUTI,TATA
Japan:Daihatsu, Honda, JP Isuzu, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota
Europe:Audi,Benz,BMW,Citroen,Europe Ford,Fiat,Jaguar,Lancia,Landrover,Opel,Peugeot,Porsche,Renault,Romeo,Rover,Saab,Seat,Skoda,
Transporter-Class, Volkswagen, Volvo
China:Brilliance,BYD,Changan,ChangCheng,Changhe,Chery,GEELY,Gonow,HaFei,JAC,Jiangling,SGMW,Tianjin,Xiamen Golden,XinKai,ZhongShun,Zhongxing,ZOTYE
Korea: Daewoo,Hyundai,Kia, Ssangyong
Malaysia: Perodua,Proton
Russia: GAZ,VAZ
S.Africa: S.Africa Opel
Thailand: Thailand Isuzu

X431 Diagun III Product Features:

1, Powerful diagnostic functions
2, Wireless diagnosis
3, Fashionable and Integrated design
4, Better battery system design
5, Easy for comparison and analysis
6,Two DataStream waveforms displayed in one screen

X431 Diagun III Product Specifications:

CPU --- 400 MHz ARM9
Color Touch Screen --- 480X272, 4.3''
TF card--- 1G
Upgrading/Printer Interface--- USB
Wireless communication Module --- Bluetooth
USB --- Standard USB 2.0 Ports
Working voltage of diagnostic adaptor: DC 12V (DC 24V not yet supported)
Operation system --- WINCE 5.0
Diagnose --- Fully inherits from X431
Update --- Update online
Interface optimization --- entering into diagnosis desktop directly after powering on, easy to use
English/Metric Conversion for PID Values
Quick upgrade --- nearly 1000 times each year

X431 Diagun III Functions:

Long stand-By time: Can be used continuously 10 hours.
Unique Appearance: Rolling cover design, the DBScar connector is integrated.
Support print function: Support standard USB printer for printing diagnostic result.
Quick Update: Nearly 1,000 software update per year to ensure the functions.
Wireless diagnosis:  Main unit can communicate with DBScar connector by Bluetooth(<100m).
Powerful diagnostic:  Inherited with all diagnosis function of X-431 with wild software coverage, Asian, European and U.S.

How to Use Launch X431 Diagun III:

1. Connections
Bluetooth (wireless) / Cable (wired) connections

2. Installation Location
Bluetooth (wireless) Connection Procedure of X-431 Diagun III:
1. Insert the TF card into the slot;
2. Find out the vehicle’s DLC;
3. Plug the 16 PIN end of DBScar diagnostic connector into the vehicle’s DLC.



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