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Launch X431 iDiag for iPad
Product Name: Launch X431 iDiag for iPad
Part No.: X431 iDiag
Net Weight: 3kgs

Launch X431 IDiag scanner Description:

Attention: Launch X431 IDiag scanner will not come with software in the package, only hardware.

We will offer Launch X431 register name & password. You need to buy diagnostic software directly from Launch official website. 

Update online by Launch website - after you register successfully, You can download diagnostic software you want into your iPhone or iPad.Then, connect your iPhone / iPad.

With this Launch X431 IDiag, your iPhone or iPad will become a powerful diagnostic scanner!

Launch X431 IDiag is a new advanced automobile fault diagnostic equipment developed based on IOS and used together with iPad. By connecting it with iPad via Bluetooth, it can realise all the diagnostic functions of X431 series, covering all cars, which includes reading DTCs, clearing DTCs, reading data stream, actuation test, and special features. Besides, it combines with many advantages of iPad to integrate development of more appication services. 

LAUNCH X431 iDiag For iOS / Android  as a web-based application of new automotive diagnostic device, heritage X431 series of products all models, all automotive fault diagnostic system, including: Read the vehicle fault codes, clear fault codes, read vehicle data stream, actuation test and special functions.

Launch X431 IDiag Scanner Functions:

Vehicle entire-system diagnosis

Read system version information

Read DTCs

Clear DTCs

Read data stream information

Actuation test

Special features

Data stream display in waveform

Comes with OBD software and DEMO

X431 IDiag scanner update : By Launch website 

The APP is FREE to download.  

Note: This is Launch X431 IDiag box ONLY! Software is not included!

After your registered success, you can choose these car brands software accoriding your requirment.

You can download the app FREE from the Appstore. After that you can purchase (via the app) for a small amount of money the car brand specific software. (you pay per car brand) You pay for one year at once so you can update FREE after software purchase (via app) for one year!

Launch X431 IDiag Specifics:

Model: Launch

Support: Bluetooth WLAN

Type: Engine Analyzer

Languages: English, Spanish, Russian, French, Italian, German

Make: For Opel For Chevrolet For Jaguar For Jeep For Saab For Toyota For Lexus For Saturn For Porsche For GM For Peugeot For Nissan For BMW For Citroen For Benz For Audi For Renault For ISUZU For VW For Mitsubishi For Chrysler For Land Rover For Mazda For Ford For Dodge For Honda For Volvo For KIA For Hyundai

Use Launch X431 IDiag scanner on iphone Ipad Ipod touch

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Launch X431 IDiag scanner Images:

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